Legendary boy band New Kids On The Block will be getting back together – or at least People Magazine say so. Oh my, EQ will shamefullly admit to being a “blockhead” in high school. I think I still have my Hangin Tough tour jacket in storage somewhere. Oh god. I just admitted that. Oh come on, you know I’m a Tiffany fan already, so don’t act so suprised. Don’t NKOTB fall under the ‘Retro’ category? Justification – there you go.

Seriously though, it will be interesting to see if they do reform and if Jonathan Knight will join them since he’s been so public about his panic attackts and stage fright after the band’s demise. In a world of Spice That and Boyzone cashing in on nostalgic success, sounds like NKOTB could very well be on their way to making tons of cash, again.

Thanks to EQ reader Brian in Boston for alerting this to us. If they do a reunion show with Tiffany and Tommy Page, I will most likely bankrupt myself to be there and have to ask for donations! LOL. I have been somewhat a fan of youngest New Kid Joe McIntyre’s solo music since the band broke up in 1994 as well.