Here is the album cover for the upcoming release of New Kids On The Block’s "The Block".  Spiffy.  Jordan actually looks nice too.

And here is the tracklisting with my commentary in [brackets]:

Click Click Click
[I do like this song – it’s sexy]

Single (with Ne-Yo)
[This song leaked on the interweb and it’s actually quite good, shades of Madonna’s “Get Together” with an R&B vibe.]

Big Girl Now (featuring Lady Gaga)
[You can imagine I’m very interested to see how this turned out.]

[Was a fun song, but very short-lived on the iPod]

2 In The Morning
[I think the world has forgotten how to spell "two" and "four" now.]

Grown Man (featuring Pussycat Dolls and Teddy Riley)
[PCD – I’ve never been much of a fan.]

Dirty Dancing
[Let’s hope it’s a tribute to Patrick Swayze.]

Sexify My Love
[A Twist on the Madonna classic?  Probably not.]


Full Service (featuring New Edition)
[NKOTB and New Edition duet…Maurice Starr must be proud.]

Lights, Camera, Action
[What’s my line?]

Put It on My Tab (featuring Akon)
[Because the New Kids are old enough to drink now.]

Stare at You
[Anytime you want Jonathan…]

A lot of people are expecting this album to be utter shit, but I’ll keep an open mind.  I was a fan and got called quite a few names in high school for my weird appreciation for New Kids, Tiffany and Tommy Page all the while worshiping the likes of Depeche Mode, Madonna and The Pet Shop Boys.  Even if it’s utter shit, at least the boys gave it a good go and they are most likely mortgage-free and God knows I’d shake my pelvis around to anyone who was interested if it meant financial freedom.  Mama needs some new shoes too.