Oh yes, it's that time of year again when all the new boybands start making themselves known and today's new boyband of choice is called – The Wanted.  

The Wanted are signed to Geffen already and word on the street is that they are one of Universal's main priorities this year.  They kind of remind me of Boyzone a bit from "back in the day" – nice looking lads with nice sounding tunes.  Move over Vice – you got some white boy competition headed your way.  You may even recognize Max from the band – he used to be in Avenue – if you remember them…

The boys from The Wanted have been wowing school kids up and down the country already and by judging from the tunes on their MySpace – I'd say they were off to a good start.  I quite like their track "Lets Get Ugly" – it's got a certain appeal to it.  

Will 2010 see the return of the boyband?  Who knows, but even Blue are rumoured to be reforming again.