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Oh how I love it when we get to announce a new boyband.

Say hello to The Kixx everyone.  The Kixx are four boys from Reading and they have derived their name from the term "teenage kicks".  They want you to know that they are more McFly than JLS.  That would ring true as their first single "Already Gone" is a bit of a hyper affair with speedy synths and guitars that will go down well with the emotronic kids.  However their acoustic version of "Apology" is what won me over as it demonstrates a clear understanding of good pop sensibility and I hope that it gets included on their debut sampler or CD.  

Will The Kixx give The Wanted the boot?  Will they McFly themselves up the charts past JLS?  Who knows, but for now just enjoy their tunes over on MySpace.  There is also a great new publicity shot of the boys after the jump.

TheKixx_Steps045b low res