Bananarama PRESS SHOT - 3-057_medium_res

Sarah: "Say Keren, what do you say we give it another good proper go and show these Fascination Record lasses what it really means to be a girl group…"

Keren: "Why the hell not Sarah – we still got it.  Yeah baby we got it…"

No big secret, Bananarama are back and their new single "Love Comes" will be dropping on September 14th…so so excited and the clips we've heard have been rather spectacular.  I think they'll be able to show Girls Aloud and The Saturdays a thing or two about what a real girl band is all about.

Last time I saw them was at G-A-Y eons ago when Graham Norton introduced them and Siobhan came back to accompany them on "Venus".  I thought I'd died and gone to Stock Aitken Waterman heaven that night…Oh look there's a video of that iconic moment of their last public appearance as a threesome…"last time ever?!!!"

And damn – I want whatever moisturizer those girls are using – fierce bitches!

First a-ha – now this…le sigh.  Feels like I'm 17 again.