Ava Loverock – production/vocals/live percussion
Gennaia Febbraio – production/vocals/guitar
Erynne – keys/production/vocals



Perth, Western Australia


For my first pick, as we travel across the great Australian continent, we’ll start in my home town… the most isolated city on Earth – good ol’ Perth!

These shoulder padded, power suited girls are so buzzed up they literally can’t keep their hair down.

My first glimpse of Brash and Sassy was during a song pitching session earlier this year.  I must say, Perth isn’t exactly a welcoming brigade for pop, let alone of the electro type.  So, naturally, I yelped with glee at their sight and sound.  I had a quick chat to the very bold and funny Gennaia Febbraio and even I felt like a shadow under her larger than life presence.

Their quirky electro pop track "No Milk For You" is a sugary layer of luscious  lyrics.  Recently in an interview by Out In Perth Gennaia said, ‘It’s about a person but it’s not dedicated to them. Once I dedicated it to my Mum but it’s not about my Mum’.  You kind of get the silly side of someone who actually takes music making quite seriously (behind the scenes though where no one will ever see it). 

In their local scene, the ladies are known as ‘the grand-daughters of ital-disco’.  Not sure what that means, but who cares, right?  With tracks like the  80s-esque "You’re Coming Home" (nominated for this year’s WAM Song of the Year) you can forgive them for being silly. 

The throbbing "Questionnaire" is probably their signature tune, and my favourite.    Co-incidentally, a version of this track was used in a video featuring an actress/model mate of mine, Sara Lawrence (yes, its a small world in Perth).  Check it out:

Recently they supported the Perth Pride Festival by performing at Connections Night Club last August; which I missed of course since I’m spending some time in Africa (bugger!)

So, check out the flair, admire their hair, and drop them a line.

Oh, and some goodies for y’all below (still in Brit mode):


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