EQ favourite Nelson Clemente has a new single out on iTunes and I highly suggest you check it out – it’s called “90 Days” and it’s a haunting and dark little electro-ballad that takes you on a trip through Nelson’s soundscape of heartfelt emotion.

What I love about this song is it’s urban twang set against it’s intelligent lyrical prose.  With incredible dance and electro remixes that accompany the release, you can rest assured there is a version of the song that you identify with the most.  My favorite remix is definitely the “Soundbaker Remix” – it’s almost cosmic.

I asked Nelson if he could describe to us how the song came about and what it means to him, and here is what he had to say:

“Originally it was a song about me wanting to make it in the music industry. The song is about the ability of your innermost desires to make you do and say things you otherwise never would. We all have that “mission” to find our perfect match, or to become a star, or score that perfect job. It’s an inner tug-of-war that sometimes turns around to be your worst enemy. In effect, “insider” within us all.”

Download “90 Days” by Nelson Clemente on Nelson Clemente - 90 Days

You can also support Nelson’s next album project on Sellaband and make sure you check out his official website.