Awww – isn’t it just so precious. Nelson Clemente picked up his boxes of fresh CDs just yesterday and will be sending them out soon to all who have pre-ordered and if you haven’t yet bought your ‘6th Perception’ CD, make sure to order it from Nelson’s MySpace page (click here) as soon as possible. Having heard all the tracks and remixes already on the CD, we have to say, you’ll be in love with it! ‘You Me Us We’ alone is worth a thousand dollars if you ask us…

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Go and purchase ‘6th Perception’ today!

On a teeny side note, the EP also garners a little sticker on the cover which says ‘EQ Song Of The Year’ on it. Sniff sniff. Its our first mention on an actual CD and it just brings a little tear to our eyes…maybe someday we’ll get mentioned in some liner notes…a blog can dream! Thanks Nelson!