I'm quite the fan of Nelly Furtado and Tiësto, so when it was announced that they would release their stunning collaboration "Who Wants To Be Alone" on March 8th – I was more than just a little happy.

Nelly has recently gone public on her affection for Tiësto and his magical beats and had this to say about getting to work with the iconic mega-producer…

"Tiësto’s charm and brilliance goes way beyond dance music. His live shows have an ability to initiate the sublime. He manages to create compassionate soundscapes that instigate the body to move and the heart to feel-a hybrid only Tiësto, with all of his inner radiance, could manage. ‘Who Wants To Be Alone’ is about not wanting a magical evening out to ever end."

Make sure to take a listen to the stunning collaboration below and make sure you support it by downloading it.  "Who Wants To Be Alone" is such a treat and a staple at all EQ Live club nights since last November – that's how much we love it!  It should be in your music collection if you don't already own it!

Download "Who Wants To Be Alone" on Tiësto - Kaleidoscope (Bonus Track Version)