It's been a bit of a slow burn for Natalia Kills, but it seems like after some recent sucess in Germany and Poland, the US is finally getting their release of her debut album "Perfectionist" on August 16th. 

I have to say that even for me, I wasn't very quick to jump on the "Natalia Kills is brilliant" bandwagon, but after spending some time this wekend with "Perfectionist", I've somewhat turned into a fan.  What were the winning cards that Natalia Kills dealt me you ask?  Tracks like "Free" and her recent video for "Wonderland" really turned it around and proved to me that "Zombie" and "Mirrors" were really just tasters of what Natalia Kills has on offer.

I'm really looking forward to her performance now at Cherry Tree Records night on June 13th at Kings College in London.  Let's watch "Wonderland" again shall we…