I just love Naked Highway.

The NYC indie electro-pop band have just released their latest album entitled "Most Hottest" and continues to explore the never-ending theme of good sex, hard drugs and rock & roll.  "Most Hottest" will most certainly grab your attention – I mean c'mon, there's a song on there called "Pussy Police" and one called "So Hot, So Tight"…is it getting hot in here? 

Three of my favourite Naked Highway electro-pop tracks "Pop It Drop It", "Shorty The Pimp" and "Wet Like Sweat" are on the album as well which is chock-full of little nasty treasures waiting to be licked.  Although their new punk track "Rock Hard" isn't exactly my cup of tea, it is the band's personal homage to the genre for those of you who appreciate a good thrashing or two.

You can preview the entire album right now on their website if you like and it's available to purchase right now at all fine download outlets.

Naked Highway also continue to raise their remix profile and have recently produced officially commissioned remixes by a few small artists like Rihanna, The Presets and Lady Gaga.