Welcome back to Myylo Week on EQ Music.

To help you get over your mid-week hump, we sat down with Myylo via Zoom interview to deep dive into his career and ask him all the burning questions we had ever since our quintessential Myylo moment on the train listening to “I Saw A Boy At Party”

In this EQ Music interview with Myylo, we ask the good questions, “How has it being being gay in the music industry?”, “What’s your quarantine life like?” and we get into exactly how much of a Pisces he is at heart and embracing his skinny boy body positivity.

“I started writing songs when my older brother had his girlfriends over and was like – I wanna have a boyfriend, this is so sad…”

Once you’ve become and instastan of Myylo and succumbed to his quirky charms, make sure to seek out or download his 100% Myylo playlist which we listen to on a daily basis. His life’s work, all in one handy-dandy playlist.

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