Do we recognise this face? Admittedly your probably more accustomed to seeing this vixen doused in glitter and working the couture. Infact, this lovely is of course 1/3 of both now sadly defunct bands Pandering And The Goldiggers and The F▲CE, Francine is now on the road on her own.

In run up to her debut single release, Francine throws open the doors on her solo work with a teaser that is departed from the hot disco style that tingled our ears with excitement from her previous bands.  The launch song “Myths & Legends” concentrates its spotlight on presenting Francine’s strikingly commanding velvety vocals to full extent through this touching ballad inspired by Ovid’sMetamorphoses” which she read whilst studying English Literature at Cambridge University alongside her time as being part of her previous bands.

All credit to FrancineMyths & Legends” is a gorgeous exposure of both dynamically rich and heart-warming strength that plumps up the goosebumps of pleasure by its masterful strokes of emotional power.

Francine collates together some of her favourite movie clips to animate this impressive ballad into visual life.