Premise: This is the true and tragic story of INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence as told through his bandmates, lovers, colleagues, family and friends.

Why I liked it: I’ve always liked INXS – not loved, but liked the band a lot during their reign on the US charts in their hayday. The KICK album alone is legendary and for that reason, I decided to check out Mystify: Michael Hutchence this year at the BFI London Film Festival.

This documentary really explores Michael’s mental state during the trials and tribulations that his career underwent as an iconic frontman. From the love scandals to the secrets that we’re never told, Mystify: Michael Hutchence is a curious look into a legendary rock star who left us all too soon. Contributions from the likes of Kylie and Bono add a special touch of sentiment to this curious piece of filmmaking.

UK and US release date: Out now

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Mystify: Michael Hutchence
A deeper diveGreat contributorsNeeded to be made
Not enough variety of footageHeavily filtered film styleNo video interviews
3.1For the curious...