Hello Electroqueer readers, today’s MySpace Discovery Wednesday posting is about the lovely and talented Gavin Mikhail – whom is sitting pretty this week as he topped the Electroqueer Chart with the beautiful ‘Catch Your Fall’Electroqueer is somewhat late to the Gavin Mikhail party, but the party is just starting…so perfect timing if you ask us.

Gavin has just released his new CD in Japan entitled ‘Like Normal People Do’ and we are so very happy for him.  In doing a little research about Gavin on the web, one would think that he is almost a veteran in the pop music world, but in actuality he is one of those stellar indie artists that deserves mass-market exposure.  Just one listen to Gavin’s CD and you are instantly reminded of a new long-overdue male artist in the vein of Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman or Dido.  When we were in Bangkok last month, we literally had to listen to ‘God In This Moment’ three times on repeat after we heard it for the first time – we couldn’t believe how beautiful, touching and inspiring the song was.

Take a chance and discover (anti-rockstar), Gavin Mikhail today – If you’re like us, you won’t be disappointed.

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