We at Electroqueer love discovering new acts on MySpace as we listen to all of our friend request links.  Today we fell charmed to the acoustic and organic sound of young Texan, Jonathan Clay.  Jonathan’s sound is a very refreshing and soulful mix of melodies and the future looks bright for this talented singer/songwriter who cites some of his influences as John Mayer, Ari Hest, Damien Rice, and Amos Lee.

Jonathan – If you ever come to London to gig – let us know and we will organise a posse of musicians and cool-types to support you.

Discover Jonathan Clay for yourself today and support him buy buying his CD ‘Whole New Me’ from CDBaby.

Jonathan Clay Official Website : Download seven of his mp3’s here too including the acoustic feel-good track ‘A Little Time’.

Jonathan Clay’s MySpace Page.