Here at Electroqueer, we like to listen to a good soul chanteuse every once in awhile.  They say that every gay man has a black woman screaming inside of her, so maybe that’s why we dig artists like Whitney Houston, Sade, Sylvia Powell and Anastacia (ok she’s white we know…).  But as we were trying to decide who we would post about for today’s MySpace Discovery Wednesday, we couldn’t be more happy than to introduce you to new artist Alice Smith.

Alice Smith grew up on a farm (just like us) and so maybe that’s why we identify with her music so much.  When you are stuck out in the vast open ranges with nothing but corn fields and cows to keep you company, sometimes the music just takes overwhelming control – we know.  Maybe this isn’t exactly the story of Alice Smith, but whatever her upbringing, something was right because it gave us a gem of a soul album to savour. 

Alice Smith’s debut album, ‘For Lovers, Dreamers And Me’ is a welcome addition to the Electroqueer fold as we have been hooked on it’s tunes for quite a few days now. ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Dreams’ are some great funky soul stompers that will ignite whatever mood you may be in. Alice was also recently named one of the Ten Artists to Watch in 2006 by Rolling Stone Magazine – an accolade that is rather impressive and difficult to obtain…Paolo Nutini also being another one – yay!

Left_03_2 ‘For Lovers, Dreamers And Me’ is vastly available for digital download (plug – can we tell you how much we are loving eMusic lately?!) and you can stream the entire album and get acquainted with lots of Alice Smith goodies over on her MySpace page. Alice is also coming to the UK soon so let us know if you want to come along with us to her next gig.