Do you ever randomly come across a band that is so enigmatic that you can't decide whether you like them or not?  Well that is truly the case with Breathe Carolina.  These boys from Denver, Colorado are pushing the boundaries of electronica by fusing some major sexy keyboard skills with some death metal screeching vocals which at first listen sounds a bit odd, but whilst listening you realize that it just totally works and you're left wondering…"why haven't I heard this before?"

Take a listen to "The Birds And The Bees" and title track "Breathe Carolina" on their MySpace Music page to experience this unique and daring vocal style for yourself.  I'm completely entranced and pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon their little bit of cyberspace today.  

Breathe Carolina are currently touring their paint-stained asses off in the USA and if you like what you hear, you can even download their album "It's Classy, Not Classic" on Breathe Carolina - It's Classy, Not Classic

Instant electro remedy?  Just add Breathe Carolina and stir it up!