Say hello to Waterson.  He has a knack for dressing up a little like the mad hatter and seducing boys onto the dancefloor with his blend of quirky electronica and 80s synthesized melodies.  So it's not really a question then – he's EQ approved, like duh.

Check out his MySpace page and you might just fall in love with his tracks "Headphones" – my personal favourite of his and his upcoming cosmic new single "Boys On The Dancefloor" which is head-boppingly deee-lightful.

Coincidently, Waterson and EQ live in the same building!  A fact I didn't uncover until we exchanged mailing addresses.  Weird huh.  This means that Waterson has probably seen EQ in his full bed-head glory buying his milk and Weetabix in the morning at our little grocery shop called 5th Avenue.  Now there is a sight, I would like to apologize to Waterson if this has happened.  To make it up to you dear Waterson, I am blasting your tunes very loud right now on Saturday afternoon in the Manhattan Building.