Meet Tonic.  He's rather poptronic and quite good EQs.  I was literally just introduced to his music via a random Twitter message and I have to say thank you to @damiengitt for bringing the dark, mysterious yet totally groovable music of Tonic to my head-space today.

Take a listen to "Metropolis" and you'll be instantly whizzed away in a black cape fantasy of super-hero crime busting with an uber hot sexy soundtrack.  Yes, this is the music that Batman might listen to in his bat-buds whilst out on patrol.  Track "Relentless" is a computer pop dream of epic proportions – an instant dance-floor anthem for all of London's electronic nightlife hipsters.  "Trespass" has got some major synths and beats that are simply quite mind-blowing.  I'm officially obsessed with Tonic.  

You've been told EQs – it's time to start following and stalking the music of Tonic.