I've said it million times and I'll say it again – "Russia is the new Sweden".

Say hello to The Tapeaters – aka Vadim and Dmitry who look a bit like Warhol and Kleerup together – hot. They are so reminscent of 80's New Order that I can't quite comprehend why they haven't got much blog love before.  Electro purists are gonna love them and pop freaks who like to dance will certainly be giving up big love for The Tapeaters.

This Russian group has put out two EPs thus for for singles "Watch Your Step" and "Keep On Dancing" but it's their song "Kids" on the "Watch Your Step" EP that really made them stand out in my eyes.  

I caught up with The Tapeaters to find out how they describe their music and this is what they had to say:

"We really like the sound of the early 80's, this period of electrofunk and disco, when synthesizers took over the minds of musicians.  That's the music we always wanted to do.  We simply take you back to early 90's, cassette tapes, ghettoblasters, raves, the spirit of freedom, well, you know …"

Hey I totally get it and I'm sure a few EQ readers will as well…

Enjoy the sounds of The Tapeaters on MySpace.  They are waiting for you to discover them…