So last night I attended Popshow GOLD and as usual, it was such a blast.  Going on 8 years now, it definitely is the best POP showcase in London – was massively packed too on a night when there was more than a few showcases going on!

The line-up was rather fun and entertaining (lots of girlbands this time) but the act that stood out to me the most was the spunky little trio that you see above – they like to call themselves SubCity.  Weird name, I know, but when it comes to being confident electro-pop performers – they win the prize hands-down.

While some electro-pop acts struggle with unity and harmony, these three long time friends clearly were "in-touch" with each other and gave an eye-popping performance with their slick moves and hot electro-pop dance tracks. Clearly the lady above (Jess) is the most "in-touch" with her bandmates…just look at where she has her hands…hmmm, wonder what's going on with this gorgeous threesome….

Ahem, anyways, yeah, check out their tracks on MySpace and their official website.  If high-energy electro-pop is your bag, then you'll like "Down And Dirty" and "Lose Control".  Think of SubCity as a kinda cooler N-Dubz with a fun, less cheesy, more energetic vibe…can't wait to see what this trio does next. 

SubCity on MySpace

SubCity Official Website