I am always a sucker for a cute lad with a guitar and yeah, Steve Appleton fits the bill, but his debut single "Dirty Funk" has me humming like a happy hummingbird this afternoon.  "Dirty Funk" is the pop gem of this summer me thinks – and The Daily Star agrees.  It's bursting with sunshine, feel-good notion and little electronica bits that sparkle like little diamonds on the sandy ocean floor. 

Take a listen to his tracks on MySpace and you'll find a mixture of acoustic pop, punchy hooks and all-around lovliness that will make you yearn for a debut album – pronto.  My fave track on the player – definitley "Rule The World" with it's lush melody I already find myself planning the next summer road-trip to Brighton with Steve Appleton's mp3's firmly stuck in my "songs of summer" playlist.

Watch the video to "Dirty Funk" right here, right now…