Photo by Karl Giant

Say hello to his highness – SIRPAUL.

There is something quite interesting about what this New York City boy has to offer.  Described as a mish-mash of George Michael, Fischerspooner & Nine Inch Nails – we can definitely see the appeal here.  His debut single is called “Music & Me” and you can hear it below – along with some rather tasteful photographs of SIRPAUL and his armpits.  Seriously though, the track has got a nice disco-electro groove and is very very catchy.  This is one for the clubs and disco heads definitely – “Music & Me” gives us that mysterious and atmospheric sound that is evocative of Billie Rae Martin in her early days and I’m quite sure SIRPAUL is one of those beautiful strangers that Madonna has been singing about.  

“Music & Me” will be available on iTunes on June 1st and if you like what you hear – check out more revealing photos and sexy tunes over on SIRPAUL’s MySpace.