At the last EQ Live I got to meet the band Shh whom I've heard about before, but for some reason or another their utterly brilliant electro-pop music didn't manage to penetrate my CD drive to make it into my iTunes.  So whilst I was spinning my set, DJ Adamix previewed their new track "Wonderful Night" and said to me "YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS NOW" and so consequently "Wonderful Night" by Shh was played loud and proud at EQ Live last month and it sounded amazing.  

And that's it – that's how I discovered Shh - another great UK band who come to us via Argentina – which seems to be a trend in electro-pop these days.  Take a wander over to their MySpace page and listen to "Wonderful Night" in all it's stomping electro shaking magnificence – it's one of my newest daily anthems.

Shh on MySpace