Say hello to Saar & Sky.  I am living in electric dreams with these guys.  Punchy 80's synths and clever samples make up the super-charged electronic pop sound that is Saar & Sky.  

Just take a twirl on their MySpace page and you'll understand exactly why I am hooked on their electronic sound.  With a hot and mysterious vocalist in the way Saar and the genius of Logan Sky on the synths – it's a definitely a winning combination.  Having collaborated and DJ'd alongside Nick Rhodes, Ladytron and Client, you can tell the duo have learnt a thing or two about what makes a good electronica track.  It's no wonder they are opening up for Heartbreak in August as well at Underbelly – a venue we love to bits…

Take a listen to Saar & Sky right now.  You electronica heads will just love them to bits while you pop fiends will appreciate what this duo are producing – guaranteed.