Rex kwondo

by Mandy Rogers

Feeling a bit funked off cos the holidays are almost over? 

Well don’t fret because we hope to restore some “rexiness” to your Monday EQs.  T Bone & Rohan (aka Rex Kwondo) just want to reach out and “Touch Ya!” with their unique chillaxed fusion of futuristic electro pop.   Striking out from the conventional box these two have worked alongside a diverse range of artists both as musicians and producers – spanning from Motorhead through to Kylie!   I for one find their easy-going jazzy glam coupled with mouthfuls of eccentric tongue-in-cheek lyrics rather funkastically refreshing and one of a kind.

Rex Kwondo just released their new EP “Touch” on New Years Day which features their hot dance track “Touch Ya” but also the sassy supermodel jam “Catwalk Girl” that you can listen to below.  Members of the EQ Facebook Group can also score a FREE Download of their track “Bigtime Starshine” on the Discussion Board.

More Rex Kwondo on MySpace.

Download the “Touch” EP on RexKwondo - Touch - EP