Poor Punch – he got dumped for a DJ. 

What's a dude with three saucy girl mates (with different coloured hair) to do when that happens?  Put together a band reminiscent of The Human League and sing about it – that's what you do!

Say hello to Punch And Judys – a new fun foursome with pop hooks so sharp they'll make you bleed.  Make sure to check out "You Fell In Love With A DJ" and you'll understand why this hot new act has got me all excited.  Do I detect a bit of Scissor Sisters in them?  Say it isn't so!  Seriously, every song on their MySpace is nothing short of pure unadulterated fun.  I also quite like "Living In The Red" and "Fall To The Floor" – camp, upbeat and totally relevant for 2010 – bring on the pop!

Thanks once again to my mate Ryan who gave me the tip on this one!  He also turned me onto Tesla Boy whom as you know – I'm obsessed with.

Punch And Judys on MySpace

Punch And Judys on Twitter