Move over Natasha Bedingfield, there's a new songstress in town with that same off-beat quirk and appeal that made the UK and the USA fall in love with you. 

Her name is Pixie and she's an Essex girl with a variety of tracks on her MySpace page that are fun, fresh and rather poptastic.  To be honest, we weren't too keen on Pixie at first, but after hearing her latest track "The Fall", it was hard to not fall under her the charm of her magical fairy pixie dust.  Signed to Universal from an early age, the world is an oyster for this little blonde gal who seems to have everything in her purse that a budding new pop princess needs – the record and publishing deal, the good looks, the great tracks and the record industry contacts.  Let's just hope all the people around her don't fuck it up and that Pixie keeps it real with her raw talent and musical passion.

Thanks to EQ reader JD for convincing us that Pixie is one to watch.

Update: Some a**wipe posted an auto play audio comment which is mega annonying on her page.  Make sure you turn it off when trying to listen…