A lesson in styling EQs…

Take three Atypical electro boys from North London and dress them up in funky black & white outfits and you move from on from "on the radar" to "wow – fucking amazing".

Meet Out Est Le Swimming Pool – I've remember reading about them about a year ago – I think on Arjan Writes – and not thinking too much about them.  But as of today, the boys are blazing a new look to compliment their quite shiny electro and well, I think I'm in love.  Nothing peevs me off more than an electro band without a distinct look – do you feel me?

Make sure you check out their new single "Dance The Way I Feel" on MySpace – it's being released on September 7th and it's a total nod to Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode

Electro-heads will love it. 

Indie kids will love it. 

Electro queers will love it.  

Now – where can I see them live?