I am love love loving this new band called Operator Please.  Their latest track "Logic" was a bit of sleeper on my iPod, but with a few repeat listens, it has erupted like a hot volcano on me.  Their music kinda sounds like what Kylie and Michael Hutchence from INXS would have produced together if Michael had not decided to check out a little early on us.

Hailing from Australia and about to burst in the UK, Operator Please are gearing up for their album release of "Gloves" in May which will then be followed by their summer single called "Back And Forth" which I've heard and it is a proper little number – you've been warned.  For now, I urge you to download "Logic" and you can check out the spunky little video for it below.

And how bout this album cover for "Gloves" – pretty cool huh…


If you like what you see and hear, then make sure to check out Operator Please on MySpace.