For the more serious electro-head, might I introduce you to Libelula.  The London duo have a great new self-titled EP out now which reminds me a bit of Goldfrapp in their earlier days with a harder Depeche Mode sensibility and mindset.  

You can sample the EP right now on over on MySpace where you'll get lost in the lush landscape of songs like "Water" and "Golden Glow".  Perhaps my favourite song spinning on the player is the trippy and keyboard dream that is "Wonderful".  Vocalist Sarah Villaraus brings a beautiful clairity to the strikingly perfect synths and samples and creates a dramatic and cinematic sound that is almost a little evil – yet angelically gorgeous at the same time.  

My copy of "Libelula" is in the download queue now – perfect listening for when you're feeling contemplative and moody.  EQ highly recommends it.

Download it now on Libelula - EP