EQ's world was rocked a little yesterday when I stumbled upon the brilliant music of Ky Ismet.  With just one listen to his latest track "Punisher" on his MySpace player, I quickly fell charmed to this electro hipster's sense of style, attitude and sound songwriting.  He's got quite the perfect package if you ask me. Apparently he's also a big fan of Red Blooded Women and well, that just made me love his music even more.

I asked Ky about his music and this is what he had to say: 

"I like my songs to be less specific, they are not great works of poetry but usually very metaphorical.  Most of my songs can be about multiple things that have happened.  I tend to keep the underlying theme's quite vague in order to let the listener interpret the tracks as they wish.  For example "Stranger" came about after a really trivial argument with my partner whereas "Surrender" is based on family matters and acceptance.  Moreover, "Play Me Like A Keyboard" was literally about my obsession with the synth player from Blondie – who was amazingly hot and played the synthesizer very, very well".

If Ky Ismet looks a little familar to you, he also did a brief stint in a boyband called Fire-Step which Ky described as "a good learning experience for him".  He's also made some head way with his songwriting and is even in the final stages of signing a publishing deal and even wrote "Touch Me Again" for DJ Ella whose album "Welcome To The Club" has just received "Best Dance Album of the Year" in Latvia.

It would seem that the sky is the limit for Ky Ismet in 2009.  While he's perfecting his tunes and live show, EQ is quite excited to have discovered his music in the early stages and we'll be watching him very closely in the next few months.

Ky Ismet is confirmed to perform at Electroqueer@Underbelly on June 26th alongside Tenek and The Dolly Rockers as well!