At the end of every EQ club night, I usually end up with a small pile of demo cds from new artists for consideration on EQ and one of those CDs from the last show was from an aspiring new artist and singer/songwriter named Kris Boobyer.

He's got a great new song called "Don't Start" which caught my ear and I've been listening to it quite a few times since discovering it.  I actually couldn't find any info on Kris when I heard the track so I had to ignite a mini Facebook discussion to get to the bottom of the mystery.  Turns out EQ fave Ian Brearley knows Kris and from then – mystery was solved.

Check out Kris Boobyer on MySpace.  I think you'll like "Don't Start" as much as I do – it's got a military electro drum pattern in it that's just really cool.  He's also worked with Ben Adams on electro track "I Told You So" which has a funky R&B flair to it.  It's still early days for Kris Boobyer as he's perfecting his tracks and working on his live act, but for now – keep him on your radar.

I definitely will be keeping an eye on him and how his music develops…a lot of potential there.