OK, yes John Galea could use a bit of an image overhaul, but the fact that "Trendsetter" is an amazing pop song sorta trumps that altogether.  Here are five reasons why I like John Galea and he is your MySpace discovery for the week…

1.  "Trendsetter" is an amazing song (oh shit, I already said that) – ok it's an out-of-this-world song.

2.  Listen to his original songs – he's a great songwriter with heaps of potential – His songs kinda have that cross-genre-penetration that I love so much.  "Whatever" could be a huge Disney hit with the kids.

3.  He looks like Giovanni Ribisi and well, that's marketable.

4.  He says he sounds like: Alphabeat, Elton John, BWO and Savage Garden.  And for once, someone on MySpace was actually accurate about who they sound like.  Good on you John Galea.

5.  I don't have a 5th reason.  I just like the fact that I almost deleted the email about John Galea then decided to have a listen and was more than pleasantly surprised by what I heard.  Yo, my A+R peeps – go get your mits on John Galea, he could write you some really good songs for your pop roster.

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