EQs – I'd like to introduce you to I AM NOXIOUS.

In a day and age when the likes of Owl City are ruling the charts and bands like Monarchy are starting to gain heat – lovers of quality electro-pop should take the time to delve a little deeper into those up-and-coming indie artists in the same realm.  And that my dear readers is where I AM NOXIOUS comes in.

His latest track "Stranded On Love" is cosmical.  Full of emotion which crescendos into one mighty little danceable pop song, I think you'll immensely enjoy this little tune – it packs a punch.  Make sure to check out "Left And Right" and "This Is A Ballad" which was inspired by the likes of Parker Lewis and Hot Chip.

It's quality stuff – I'm enamored.  You should be too with I AM NOXIOUS.