Wow.  Just wow.  This week has been totally crazy but when I heard this new track by Gia Mellish today called “Confidentially” I dropped everything I was doing and just fell into a state of electro-pop trance. I even had to wipe the drool off my keyboard.  She’s like a Kylie crossed with Annie and that my dear EQs is nothing short of a winning combination.

Seems lovely Gia and her “you must love me” eyes have been locked away in a studio working with French DJ/producer Sébastien Léger who is famous for his remixes for the likes of Kylie, Justin Timberlake and the booty shaker herself – Beyoncé.  They even did a track called “Hypnotized” which ended up on more then 40 international compilations.  Not a bad debut if you ask me.

Take a listen to Gia Mellish now over on MySpace.  To get a feel for how her album “Ice Cream Castles” is shaping up, watch the promo video below.  I’m sure you will absolutely love what you hear.