Hot electro-indie-pop alert!

Meet Milke. They have a great new single coming out called "Love Get Out Of My Way" which is beyond infectious and I'm like totally diggin it.  As Little Boots would say, it's "stuck on repeat" on my iTunes at the moment.  

Having remixed for major artists like INXS, Darren Hayes and Justice vs. Simian, the duo are looking mighty-fine, poised and set to make you sit up and pay attention with their inspired vocals and production – which, if I might add bares a striking similarity to the legend that is Stuart Price with a KLF approach.  How's that for a comparitive?  Makes you a little hot under the collar doesn't it EQs…  


Milke are one duo that you should seriously be interested in.  They've got the quirk factor, the talent and the experience to back it up.  But most of all they have the ambition that makes them stand out from the pack for me. You can get a mouthful of Milke right now over on MySpace and if you're a member of the EQ Facebook Group you can exclusively download the Radio Edit of "Love Get Out Of My Way" right now.  Thanks guys for that!  And what are those boys doing on the single cover?  Stop that funny shizz right now!