Flash republic

You know, there is some really amazing stuff coming out of South Africa lately. Just yesterday we fell in love with Locnville and today we are going gaga for the funky and somewhat modern-retro sounds of hot new band Flash Republic.

Take a look and listen to their music video for "Star" below and I think you'll agree they got it going on.  Kinda like a sexier version of CSS but with the savvy and lusty appeal of Stefy (whom I am really really missing these days).  Over on their MySpace, I'm also digging their track "Twister" and the electro-rocking sound of "Danger" – it's truly high-voltage. 

I think it's high time for a female-led band like Flash Republic – with all the love that "The Runaways" movie is getting, with the right promotion, Flash Republic could be on the forefront of this revival of female electro rock – headbands, feathered hair and all…

Discover Flash Republic for yourself on MySpace.