Ellie Goulding is what you would get if you took the charm of Lisa Loeb, the vocal quirk of Edie Brickell and mixed in the electronic stylings of Starsmith and Frankmusik. 

Ellie has been on my radar for quite awhile and I last night I sat down and spent some time with her MySpace page and absolutley fell in love.  Take a listen to "Starry Eyes" and you'll find yourself quickly being enveloped into her whimsical world of electronic wonderment and imagination.  Her track with Frankmusik, "Wish I Stayed" is pure lush gorgeousness.

I need an EP from this girl right now.  She produces exactly the type of down-tempo electronica that has crossover appeal.  She doesn't need a quirky hair-do or a ton of special effects to make her stand out either.  Something tells me this girl is gonna be quite famous.

Ellie Goulding on MySpace.