Diagram Of The Heart

There's a new band in London that have been garnering some well-deserved attention and I'd like to introduce you to them – say hello to Diagram Of The Heart.

Diagram Of The Heart are the first signings to the newly reformed Deconstruction Records (former home of Kylie) and they've been rockin the British capital with their anthematic signature track "Dead Famous" which is a hard-hitting piece of modern pop rock.  "Dead Famous" get's me moving and get's me singing and I'm pretty sure it will do the same for you upon first listen.  I'm also quite mesmerized by their touching slow burner "Skeletons" with it's gorgeous piano that crescendos and explodes into one hell of a big big tune.

Take a look at the recent footage of Diagram Of The Heart performing "Dead Famous" in London to get a feel for what I'm going on about – it's got that something special I'm sure you'll agree…

Diagram Of The Heart on MySpace