How sexy is this trio?…

Say hello to Chew Lips.  They are hotly tipped as ones to watch and from having taken a listen to some of their tracks like "Salt Air", "Slick" and "Solo" from their upcoming 2010 album "Unicorn", I would say that I'd fully support that claim to fame.

They have been gathering a sizable fan base while still flying just under the radar and something tells me they could just breakthrough early next year when "Unicorn" (and how awesome is that album name?!) is released.  If you like your electro with a bit of a pop edge and a serious commercial sensibility, then I think you'll like totally dig Chew Lips.  My favourite track – the groovetastic and synthy "Salt Air" – for sure.

You can download some of Chew Lips tracks over on their official website and their MySpace page.