I detect a new obsession coming on here at EQ.

Meet Archeo Price.  He's beyond brilliant.  I've been hearing rumblings of genius from various trusted sources like Starsmith and Truly Madly Mandy about how fabulous Archeo Price is and from the nanosecond I clicked onto his MySpace profile – I fell in love with Archeo Price's squeaky smooth vocal style and sound that commands attention from the most hesitant of pop haters.

He's got such a brilliant sense of style that Private might begin to think that he stole their look.  Boogaloo Stu may even lose his long-standing record of having the best hair in the business.  In a time and age where there are so many cookie-cutter bands and bland pop personalities, Archeo Price delivers and excitement should be brewing in Lady Gaga-like proportions if you ask me.

Over on the MySpace – he's offering up a free download of the punchy "Mess With Me" and upon one listen of key tracks like "Time Machine", "Johnny Superstar" and "Hearing Things" you'll be doing a mad Google search for all things Archeo Price just like I have.

He's playing a show in Hoxton Square on March 18th and you can bet I'll be there.  I might even have to trap him in the dressing room to convince him to play our next EQ show – he's the perfect fit.

More exciting to me than Michael Jackson playing 30 shows at the O2.

Can you feel the love?  Thought so.

More punchy pics of Archeo Price after the jump.