Just when you thought EQ was getting a little too "pop" on here – we have just found a new electronic band that is getting us very excited.  Say hello to Villa Nah.

Their new album "Origin" is absolutely stunning in all it's dramatic electronica goodness.  It's a sublime journey through sound that it's crisp, clean and evocative of some of the best tunes by Depeche Mode mixed in with the complex instrumentation of say – Imogen Heap.  And it's all wrapped up with a lyrical and somewhat gloriously indie feel to it all.  The album has taken over my entire day's soundtrack.

Key tracks "Running On" and "Remains Of Love" can be streamed over on their MySpace page whilst track "All The Days" is the one I'm most excited about when the album comes out on May 17th.

Pay serious attention EQs – in a music world overflowing with electro-pop at the moment, Villa Nah keep it old school and real with their world of electronica wonderment.

Villa Nah on MySpace.