Move over Amy Winehouse, Alice Smith and Adele ain’t got nothing on today’s MySpace discovery, Sylvia Powell.

I have to admit, I’ve been a fan of Sylvia Powell’s music for quite some time when I discovered her first album "Revue" by accident a few years ago.  She has just completed her second album "The Script" and I have to say that it is so beautifully orchestrated that it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.  This isn’t your usual pretty voice doing a so-so album – this is an singer/songwriter that quite simply makes your heart melt when her silky smooth voice seduces you into a listen. "The Script" is what Mutya Buena should have been doing and it’s what Sade and Skye would love to come back with.

I broke Sylvia’s fantastic tune "Endless" quite awhile ago on EQ and the buzz about this track is starting to build.  Just one listen to the beautiful and haunting ballad "Edge Of Time" on her MySpace profile will make you want to embrace Sylvia’s music with a passion.  Sylvia has received rave reviews at the industry’s biggest music conference MIDEM in Cannes recently and she is ready to get on stage and deliver.

Take two minutes out of your day today to discover Sylvia Powell for yourself – you’ll be so glad that you did and if you have any sort of musical taste like I do, you’ll know that Sylvia is one to watch out for in that "non-electro-I-need-something-fresh-and-new-to-listen-to" sort of way.