I can’t believe this diva isn’t famous yet.  Say hello to Doe Deere (pronounced "dough dear") everyone – she’s going to be a regular fixture here at EQ so learn how to say her name proper.  She’s a disco diva on the verge of something incredible with her new EP "Supernatural" which will be dropping very very soon.

I only discovered the brilliance of Doe Deere a few days ago when she casually left a comment on EQ and like any artist that gets in touch, I thought I would check her out.  Not only was I highly impressed with her firm command of pop music, I was immediately sold on her quirky sense of style and her ability to make me listen to every single song on her MySpace profile – TWICE!  Trust me, you’ll be mesmerized.  Click now and think of Sophie Ellis-Bextor conjuring up the sprirt of Lady Miss Kier in her sexy hayday with Deee-Lite.

Doe has graciously agreed to let us exclusively stream her new single "One Touch" in the Just Play Bitch section so make sure to check it out and if you’re a member of the EQ Facebook group, you’ll also be able to download the song in mp3 format for a limited time only.

Doe Deere : One Touch

Let Doe Deere ignite your San Francisco disco and strap on your go-go boots for a non-stop ride with the latest edition to the EQ Royale – yes, she’s that good.  And here’s a little vid-e-o from Doe about how she came to be a disco songstress instead of a lonely girl with antlers hiding out in the Canadian wild.  Precious.

Go and order the album now.  You’ve been told.