Prepare to fall in love EQs. If you are a fan of acoustic crooners like Paolo Nutini, James Morrison, Murray James or Jack Johnson, you are absolutlely going to be smitten with Carlos Bertonatti.

Carlos Bertonatti grew up between his native Venezuela and the ski slopes in Argentina and is now residing in sunny Florida. His brand of latin flavoured acoustic pop absolutely stopped me dead in my tracks whilst I was going through some of this weeks music submissions. And you know me, if it doesn’t have an electronic beat, I would usually pass on it. But Carlos has something with his music and it’s more than just his Tom Cruise looks. Take a listen to his songs on his MySpace like “It’s So Easy” and “The Little Things” and you’ll find yourself humming along with glee. It’s like perfect pop music.

Carlos’ debut CD “Times Are Good” is out on iTunes now and I strongly recommend you download yourself a copy. If you get a chance to see his acoustic show which is currently taking over the finer coffee houses in America – please go check it out for me.

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