Watch out EQs – State City Disco are making their way up the EQ Electro Chart with their head-boppin new electro track ‘Excitment’ and well can we just say, we are getting excited about this new band with every listen.  You may recognize frontman Alex Surguy from former electro boy group Veto Silver which were hugely underated in our humble opinions.  However, in this new electronic re-incarnation with Mitzi Deluxe pounding out some fab synths and Dr J Spectrum on guitars, we couldn’t be more happy to welcome them into our little electronic world of whimsy.  For some reason, State City Disco are reminding us a lot of The Human League – we can’t pinpoint why exactly, but it really doesn’t matter now does it?  State City Disco are hot and we can’t wait to see them live at the next Popshow on 17 July in London!

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