Say Hello to Nic Kat EQs!  Nic is an Aussie vocalist that has had us under his spell recently with his raunchy electro dance track called ’82 86′ that you can preview over on his MySpace page now.  The electro version of the track is so hot that we’ve been caught blasting it way too loud on the iPod whilst riding the underground and old ladies have been staring at us with evil eyes to turn it the hell down.  We don’t care, the track is hot (as is Nic) and we want everyone to know that. 

Nic is also a huge fan of the 80’s and states that ’82 86′ is a complete reference throwback to that era as being one of the most influential times for music.  ’82 86′ most certainly does have an open and honest exclamation about casual sex that might just make you blush.  Whilst checking out this track, also take some time to groove to some of Nic Kat’s other dance collaborations called ‘Scream’ and ‘Some Lovin’ which you will like if ’82 86′ floats your electro boat.