Hey EQs.  Meet Darin Zanyar.  No relation to the other Darren we talk about a lot on this blog.  In fact, this Darin probably has a better chance of being related to Robyn and all since he is of Swedish decent, but probably not.  Anyways – last week we were minding our own business perusing the pop blogs when once again Pop Poster Girl wrote about this fantastic young artist and posted his video for his infectious electro-pop track ‘Desire’ which instantly got our juices flowing.  We then went on an exhaustive internet search for his tracks and videos and have been listening to Darin pretty much since then.  Hint – you can find the video for ‘Desire’ on UK iTunes.

What we like about Darin and especially ‘Desire’ and ‘Insanity’ is that it’s a sound that’s fresh, electro-tinged and led by a soulful voice that doesn’t get drowned out in the production.  He’s also hella-cute too.  Below are his vid-e-os of the above mentioned and you can stalk him on his MySpace page as well as his official website – which we haven’t quite figured out how to get it to work in English yet.  We will however wait to see what else Darin puts out, he does have a penchant to lean on the R&B side a wee bit, but if he keeps churning out this damn fine electro-pop, he very well could bust his way into the EQ Royale this year.